Turnaround Time Transcription

Turnaround Time Transcription (3T) provides cost-effective, streamlined service to our clients.

The latest technology is at our fingertips and we continually explore new and advanced methods to minimize cost for our clients.

3T is customer-driven and will provide customer-designed services according to your individual needs.


Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc.(3T) was founded in 1988 by
Vicken Meguerditchian.

Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc. (3T) has concentrated on providing service to acute care hospitals.  In 1992, Turnaround Time Transcription, Inc. began servicing of full-contract hospitals exclusively.


Turnaround Time Transcription (3T) is committed to maintaining the highest quality service while producing the most accurate medical reports.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel ensure that our reports surpass hospital standards as well as standards set by other services.

Our MTs are seasoned professionals possessing the experience and skill to provide quality work, on time, while bearing an array of knowledge and expertise at diverse levels within the medical transcription industry.